Biographies of Our Ancestors


Moses A. Gamble was born on 2 August 1832 on the family farm in Blount County, Tennessee, the son of Alexander Breckenridge Gamble and Elizabeth Ransberger. He married Angeline F. Thompson (1832—1916) and had two children, Alexander B. Gamble (1860—1946) and Elizabeth L. Gamble (1863—1945). He was mustered into Company A of the 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Volunteers on 18 September 1862 for a period of three years. He served his regiment well during the war but, as luck would have it, died on 27 April 1865 near Memphis, Tennessee, lost on the steamboat Sultana as it exploded and sank into the dark Mississippi River.

Please click on the link below for additional information on Moses Gamble and his family:

Moses Gamble

Moses Gamble



Landon Lyon enlisted as a Union soldier 5 Aug 1864 and was discharged 5 Sep 1865 after serving one year and one month. He was discharged in Washington County, Tennessee, due to the disability incurred from an ankle injury caused when his horse fell jumping a fence in the Bull’s Gap fight.  He is the direct ancestor of Past Camp Commander David McReynolds, members Joseph and John McReynolds and junior member Paddy Fitzsimons.  Click for more on Landon Lyon:

Corporal Landon Lyon

cavalry enliste man



The history of a union soldier whose grave site we found in Mount Olive Baptist Church Cemetery when cleaning the Sultana Memorial.  Please click the link for a short biography:

Private Andrew Evans




Lorenzo Dow Everett is a Union ancestor of current Senior Vice Commander Max Renfro and served in Company E, 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, under the command of Captain Joseph M. Green.  Max states that, “I am proud that my middle name Loren is in honor of Lorenzo.”

Please click the link below to read a brief biography.

Lorenzo Dow Everett




Andrew McReynolds a few good men

Colonel, later General, Andrew T. McReynolds is a cousin of McTeer members David McReynolds, Joseph McReynolds, John McReynolds and junior member Padraig Fitzsimons.  All are descended from John McReynolds of County Tyrone, Ireland.

Andrew T. McReynolds



One of our UK members, Mike Hammerson, shared a biographical sketch of his paternal third great grandfather’s niece’s husband’s cousin, who served in the Civil War – a man named Samuel Proops, a Cincinnati butcher who had emigrated from England who did duty at the end of the war guarding railroads in Georgia.

Ancestor of Mike Hammerson


Below is a photograph of Alford M. Hacker and his second wife Nancy, ancestors of McTeer member Jay Hacker of Athens, TN.  Alford Hacker served in the Union Army during the Civil War elisting in May 1862 and serving to the end of the war. He was a Private in Company H of the 5th Tennessee Infantry. He saw considerable action during the war, was wounded and even likely survived smallpox.  He is recognized as the Founder of the GAR post of McMinn County, TN. When he died on 11 June 1937, he was the last surviving member of his GAR post.  He and his wife are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Athens, TN.




There are two “collateral” ancestors for David McReynolds, Joseph McReynolds, John McReynolds and Junior Member Padraig Fitzsimons. listed on the memorial at the Blount County Courthouse in Maryville, TN.

Two Blount County McReynolds

Blount County Veterans Memorial


The ancestor of Michael Downs is William “Bill” Downs, of Company G of the 73rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry:

Mike Downs’ Ancestor

Bill Downs 2


The ancestor of Richard Holmes is Jeremiah Carter (Cotter) of Battery D, 2nd U.S. Artillery, Pennsylvania.

Richard Holmes Ancestor


Lt. Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte Lusk, great-great grandfather of Tim McCoy, a dual member of our camp and the James Garfield Camp in Baltimore:


General John T. Croxton and Lt. Joseph Lusk at Waterloo, AL 1865:  First Lt. Joseph N.B. Lusk, a school teacher from Cleveland, Tennessee, was a Southern Unionist who fled north to enlist in the Union Army in Kentucky in May 1862. He was mustered into the First Tennessee Cavalry USA in November 1862. John T. Croxton was a Yale-educated lawyer from Paris, Kentucky. Their paths first crossed in June 1864, when Croxton assumed command of the cavalry brigade that included the First Tennessee while it took part in the Atlanta Campaign. In September 1864, Lusk was detached to serve in the headquarters of Croxton’s First Brigade, First Division of the Cavalry Corps, Military Division of the Mississippi, headed by Gen. James Wilson. While in winter camp at Waterloo, Alabama, Lusk became ADC to Gen. Croxton and accompanied him throughout the Alabama campaign. After muster-out in July 1865, Lusk returned to teaching, farming and inventing in his hometown and died on the final day of 1907. Croxton would later serve as U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, where he died in 1874.


The ancestor of Peter Collins, John Davis, late U.S. Naval Officer:

Peter Collins’ Ancestor in Newsletter


sultana monument closeup resized

The ancestor of Sam Wilson, Adam “Ad” Wilson, a private in the 3rd Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry USA and a survivor of the Sultana tragedy:

Sam Wilson’s Ancestor



Patrick and Garrett Chapman have two documented union ancestors, Lieutenant Canada Hodge Rogers of Company C, 1st Regiment, East Tennessee Volunteer Infantry and Corporal James Houston Shelby of Company A, 2nd Regiment Tennessee Cavalry:

Patrick and Garrett Chapman’s Ancestors 


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