Preserving History

From the National Trust on Historic Preservation:

Eight Tips for Re-setting Headstones

Following is a link to an informative video on cleaning headstones and grave markers. Doing it the right way!!

How to clean a headstone or grave marker

Official position on display of the confederate battle flag:

Display of the Confederate Flag

Monument, Memorial, and Grave Preservation

knoxville cemetery

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) is dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of veteran heroes who fought and worked to save the Union in the American Civil War. Part of that mission involves saving and protecting our nation’s endangered memorials, graves, and monuments. These memorials are part of our national heritage and honor American soldiers who lost their lives in the preservation of freedom and union. The SUVCW is working to preserve these memorials so that future generations can learn from them and can learn to appreciate their hard-won freedom.

For more information on national projects devoted to this cause follow the link below:

SUVCW Projects and Preservation

The Major William A. McTeer Camp No. 39 takes this mission very seriously.  As part of its planned activities, it sponsors grave dedications, memorial preservation projects, tombstone cleaning weekends, and a variety of other events aimed at not only preserving the monument itself but also the history surrounding it as well.

Please visit our pages on this website dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of our veteran ancestors who made such great sacrifices to fight to preserve our Union!

They may be accessed under this tab “Preserving History”.  They contain a treasure trove of information on how our Camp is trying to preserve the history of our Union ancestors in East Tennessee!!

 Memorial Day
 Major William A. McTeer
 Biographies of our Ancestors
 13th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
 The Union Monument at Knoxville National Cemetery
 The Sultana Monument at Mount Olive Cemetery
 Historical Markers and Other Memorials
 Blount County TN Civil War Driving Tour

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