1 June 2015 – 31 October 2015

15 October 2015:  Michael hammerson

Michael Hammerson

This is McTeer Camp member Michael Hammerson who lives in the United Kingdom.  He has done tremendous research on Civil War veterans who are buried in the UK.  Our headline story in the October 2015 edition of McTeer’s Loyal Mountaineers is of the marking and dedication of the burial site of Master’s Mate Maurice Wagg, a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient who was buried in an unmarked grave at the East London Cemetery. Hammerson has studied more than 1,300 Civil War veterans buried in the UK but estimates that there may be as many as 4 to 5 thousand total.  Following is a link to a story about another British character that went to America to fight in the Civil War but ended up in a life of crime.  Very interesting story.

US civil war veteran buried in Highgate Cemetery inspired Moriarty character in Sherlock Holmes

13 October 2015:  camp mess

We had thirteen brothers in attendance at our Camp Mess meeting held at Calhoun’s on the Creek Restaurant in Maryville, TN at 12:30 pm.  With busy work schedules, it was great to have so many with us today.  In fact we had to add an extension table to our large round table to accommodate everyone.  I really enjoyed the smoked meat loaf special with mashed potatoes and gravy and spinach Maria – real comfort food.  But I forgot to take a picture.  Oh well, here’s the outside of the restaurant:

Calhouns Maryville

10 October 2015:  battle of Blountville

George Lane made the trek up to Blountville to represent our camp’s Knoxville area members.  We had three members in the re-enactment that live in upper East Tennessee.  A great event.  Hope we have more participation next year and hope the weather cooperates.  Two years in a row we have had a muddy field but afternoon clearing helped.

blountville 2015 Blountville 2015 2 Blountville 2015 3

21 September 2015:  quarterly dinner meeting at dead end bbq

Another great event for our camp.  We were honored to have Dr. Aaron Astor, Associate Professor of History at Maryville College, come and present an excellent educational program about the Civil War on the Cumberland Plateau based on his newest book.  We also unfurled our new flags and the new charter for the Polly Toole Auxiliary No. 17.  And, we can’t forget that we continue to celebrate the national awards that were presented to our camp in Richmond last month.

Group Photo 2 David Mike Steve Before the meeting meetings Awards and Flags 2

8 September 2015:  Camp Mess at Calhoun’s restaurant

We had another great meeting and a good time at Calhoun’s on the Creek.  Had a guest attend – Ollie Keller – who coached with Johnny Majors at Iowa State before taking on the head coaching job at Louisiana-Monroe as well as positions at Colorado State and Memphis.  He also spent time in state government and in education in Williamson County.

11995105_10206572356001746_1772806711_o 11996455_10206572347361530_343040398_o

Ollie Keller

20 – 23 august 2015:  national encampment

Everyone who went to the National Encampment in Richmond seems to have had a great time.  As a camp, we were very honored to have received two major awards.  First, the Abraham Lincoln Commander-in-Chief”s Award for the Most Outstanding Camp during the 2014-2015 administrative year.  Second, we were honored with the Horace Greeley Award for the Most Outstanding Camp Website.  We could not do what we do as a camp without everyone participating.  A big THANK YOU to all of our members.  Even those overseas who will now have a chance to form camps due to changes adopted at the encampment!

We very  much appreciate how supportive our local newspaper is to our camp.  Here’s the link to The Maryville Daily Times coverage of the event:  http://www.thedailytimes.com/community/club-news/article_941a0cee-0f6f-5897-bb4b-a3812dbe030c.html

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

15 august 2015:  east Tennessee history day and fair at Krutch park in downtown Knoxville, tn

Once again we participated in the East Tennessee Historical Society’s History Day and Fair.  Despite being a very rainy day, we were able to make contact with a number of people and potential recruits for our camp.  George Lane did a number of bus tours.  We had very good volunteer participation.

Before the rain Bob and Chloe Wallace in the Rain

11 august 2015:  camp mess at Calhoun’s on the creek

At our August Camp Mess, JVC Steve Wallace had a unique idea for lunch.  And, ironically he was served FIRST!  He ordered two desserts for lunch:  Key Lime Pie and a rich Chocolate Fudge Cake.  Better take his glucose level before he leaves!  We always have a good time!!

Steve Wallace All Desserts at 08112015 Camp Mess

27 July 2015:  new video of may 3rd sultana monument re-dedication!!

14 july 2015:  busy camp mess at Calhoun’s on the creek and guests from Memphis too!!

11724986_10206182422613655_1612600254_o 11733953_10206182423013665_780322081_o 11745266_10206182424333698_364429239_o

4 july 2015:  independence day!

Our national march, “The Stars and Stripes Forever”, as performed by the President’s Own, the Marine Band.  I don’t think you can find a better version than that performed by this band.  You many need to turn up the volume as this video is designed to be played on an excellent speaker with dynamic control.

Here’s a couple of pictures of McTeer Camp No. 39 Brothers attending the 4th of July celebration sponsored by the Stephen Holston Chapter of the Tennessee Society of Sons of the American Revolution at James White’s Fort in downtown Knoxville, TN.  Great event every year!

july 4 2015 mcteerJuly 4 2015 all

27-28 June 2015:  8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Company “E” 23rd corps re-enactors at camp nelson national cemetery, Kentucky

Nicholas Knight, member of McTeer Camp No. 39 and a re-enactor in the 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, participated in the weekend event hosted by the Major James H. Bridgewater Camp No. 7, SUVCW to honor and recognize the anniversary of the forming of the 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment USA at Camp Nelson during the Civil War.  And, it also honors and recognizes the Union Service of many from East Tennessee who fled from their homes because of what they believed in and enlisted in the Union Army at this crucial site in Central Kentucky.

nicholas knight camp nelson cemetery

22 june 2015:  quarterly camp meeting at the blount county public library, maryville, tn

We had a tough start to our meeting with audio / visual difficulties that prevented us from viewing the great Sultana video that our member and speaker Norman Shaw brought to share.  But we still had a good time with good fellowship and fraternity both before, during and after the meeting.  In spite of it all, we try to have a good time and recognize the many contributions made by our members.  Mike Downs, Department Commander, led the formal initiation of six new members.  And we have more applications coming.  In the parking lot, the Commander met a man from Maine who expressed interest in Civil War history.

A little humor A little premeeting fellowship A new initiates A special thank you An initiation Attempt to fix a problem Brother Steve teaching us the Camp Song Group photo resized

21 June 2015:  happy father’s day

Happy Father's Day

13 june 2015:  roadside historical marker dedication – the civil war “no man’s land” at Cleveland, tn

On a hot, muggy and sunny day in Cleveland, Tennessee, Department Commander Mike Downs and Camp Commander David McReynolds were honored to attend the Roadside Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony held at the historical Lusk family home on Dalton Pike not too far from the Tennessee / Georgia state line.  We were guests of the event organizer Tim McCoy of the James A. Garfield Camp No. 1 in Baltimore, MD.  And, it was a pleasure to participate with brothers from the local camp, the Missionary Ridge Camp No. 63.  Following is a link to a video slideshow of the event posted to Youtube:

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