1 January 2017 – Present

19 August 2017:  Our annual participation in the East Tennessee History Fair held in Krutch Park in downtown Knoxville, TN.  This event drew thousands of people interested in the history timeline of East Tennessee.  Exhibits included events prior to the Revolutionary War up to the recent past including military exhibits up to and including the Irag and Afghan Wars.  We had many visitors to our table and we enjoyed the interaction we had answering questions not only about our Camp but about East Tennessee and Knoxville before, during and immediately after the Civil War.  Kudos to Camp Commander Max Renfro, A. B. and Jason McTeer, Doug Fidler and Department Commander David McReynolds for manning the table all day.  McTeer member George Lane was in attendance as a Revolutionary War militia man telling that story of East Tennessee history.  We also visited with member Charles Ogle, who was in attendance, one of the winners of Awards of Excellence from our Camp by the East Tennessee Historical Society in May.

9 – 13 August 2017:  National Encampment at Lansing, Michigan.  On the left is a group photo of Department of Tennessee attendees including McTeer members Doug Fidler and National Treasurer and Department Commander David McReynolds.  Also attending were Carl Addison, Roger Teney, John Tims and Darwin Concon.  Not pictured is McTeer dual member Tim McCoy (Commander of the Garfield Camp in Balitmore).  Three members of the McTeer Camp received honors at the Encampment.  David McReynolds received the Meritorious Service Award with Gold Star for his work at the Camp, Department and National level; Michael Downs received the Meritorious Service Award for the outstanding job he did during his two years as Department Commander; and Doug Fidler received a National Aide award for recruiting at least 5 new members for the 9th year in a row!  It was a great Encampment and likely one of the most harmonious ones in many years.  Now the real fun starts with all that is going on nationally right now regarding Civil War monuments and memorials.

25 June 2017:  Quarterly Meeting at the Blount County Public Library in Maryville.  Guest speaker was Ken Cornett, who gave an excellent presentation on early Blount County forts and settlements.  David McReynolds gave patriotic instruction of the 4th of July and Richard Bendy was initiated as a new member.  Adopted a number of changes to Camp bylaws.  Did a lot of planning for future events.  


13 June 2017:  Camp Mess Meeting at Calhoun’s Restaurant.  Great meeting, good attendance.  Patriotic instruction was on Flag Day.  Discussed hosting next year’s Department Encampment to be held in late February or early March.  Discussed 501(c)3 tax exempt status for the camp.  Discussed how to honor Blount County Civil War veterans without proper markers.  Discussed upcoming Quarterly meeting.


30 May 2017:  Memorial Day (true date) services at the grave site of Camp name sake Will McTeer.  Another moving event.



29 May 2017:  Memorial Day services at the Knoxville National Cemetery with the DUVCW, our Auxiliary and the 79th Highlanders.



9 May 2017:  Camp Mess.  Double digit attendance and a lot of Memorial Day attendance. All the fellowship kept us there for almost two hours.  Fraternity – what the SUVCW is all about.



2 May 2017:  For the second year in a row, our Camp received multiple awards from the East Tennessee Historical Society.  The Camp received an “Award of Distinction” for the event, “Readmission Day 2016”, which celebrated the sesquicentennial of the readmission of Tennessee to the Union following the Civil War.  Last state to secede, first state to be readmitted.  The event itself is described in its own page on this web site.  And, Richard Holmes, current Senior Vice Commander and Graves Registration Officer received a “Community History Award” for his work to preserve Union graves.  He works to clean, reset or replace headstones working with the community, government agencies and families.  He has registered 83 graves in the past year.  And Charles Ogle received a Teaching Excellence Award honoring his service as a teacher of history and mentor.

30 April 2017:  Memorial Service at the Sultana Monument, Mount Olive Cemetery.  Once again, we honor those who died in the greatest maritime disaster in United States History.  Participating with our Camp was William Beard, descendant from five different Union soldiers who were on the Sultana, who played “Taps”; and the William Blount High School Air Force Junior ROTC Color Guard and Firing Team.

14 February 2017:  Camp Mess at Calhoun’s on the Creek in Maryville.  Great discussion. Great Fellowship.

13 February 2017:  National and Camp Treasurer David McReynolds attends the monthly meeting of the Hiwassee Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.  He gave a talk about the history of the SUVCW and the happenings in East Tennessee in 1861 leading up to and after secession.

22 January 2017:  Richard W. Holmes, SVC and Graves Registration Officer was at it again on Sunday the 22nd.  This time honoring Private Edward Seymore of Company A, 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry USA.  Huzzah!

15 January 2017:  Richard W. Holmes, SVC and Graves Registration Officer, once again had the honor and privilege to install a new marker for a Union veteran.  This time it was Private James Hicks of Company D, 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry who is buried at West View Cemetery in Sweetwater, TN.  Not only had the marker worn and broke, but his name was spelled wrong (Hix vs. Hicks). Thanks to Polly Toole Auxiliary Member Kelly Watson Holmes, Michael Holmes and Junior Member Carter Holmes for their hard work and assistance in making this happen.


10 January 2017:  First Camp Mess of the New Year.  Great fellowship and a little planning for the rest of the year!