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You may e-mail us at

Commander:  Max Renfro, P. O. Box 647, Seymour, TN 37865, (205) 515-2355,

Senior Vice Commander:  Richard Holmes, 175 Linwood Drive, Sweetwater, TN 37874, (770) 315-3064,

Junior Vice Commander (Recruiting Officer):  

Douglas K. Fidler, PhD, PDC, PCC  

E-mail address:    

Mailing address:  4033 Cave Mill Rd., Maryville, TN 37804-3181

Interested in joining our Camp?  Open the link below, fill out the application and mail to our Junior Vice Commander, Doug Fidler or to any other officer on this list.  We would be honored to have you come join with us!

Application to Join!

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • I have sent you an e-mail, copied to our Camp Secretary Doug Fidler. He should be able to help you with information including any help you might need with your Union ancestor.


    • My ancestors were Capt. Aaron G. McReynolds, 2nd Tenn. Cav., Union and his brother, William McReynolds, 98th Ill. Inf., both were KIA, in fact, Major William McTeer was a Lt. when Capt. McReynolds was shot and tried to help him, but being of good Scottish blood, he broke lose from McTeer and charge the sharpshooter who shot him, but the Confederate had reloaded, this time causing McReynolds’ death. Note Capt. and Pvt. McReynolds, uncle and cousin (Father and son), father: Capt. S.J. McReynolds and son, Major Joseph T. McReynolds were in the 37th Tenn. Inf., CSA, the father was killed in Ky. and the son was killed leading the 37th Tenn. Inf. during the Battle of Murfreesboro, Tn. I don’t know how their names were left off of the Blount County Civil War soldiers plaque. I’m from Blount County, in fact my 4th great parents were married inside Craig’s Fort. My Blount County ancestors includes, McReynolds, Wells, Dunn’s, Hedrick’s (Many in Blount County and Sevier County spells it Headrick, but my side kept the old German spelling, Bryant’s,), Brewster, Hodge, Gray’s, and in Monroe County, Click’s, Gray’s (Had a Capt. Joseph Gray, Union Army, killed by Kirkland Raiders on the Little Tennessee River area,), Kennedy’s (Have Kennedy kinsman who was in the 9th Tenn. Cavalry, Union Army, was a POW of the CSA. My Monroe County ancestors were also mixed, Union and Confederate Army. I now live in Bluff City in Sullivan County. What is required to join, I thought since Major McTeer fought with my ancestor and was there when Capt. McReynolds died, it would be fitting to join a camp named after him. Thank you for any help.


  1. FYI: Wanted to give you a heads up that there is a serious discussion going on with a property owner to put on a new Battle of Blue Springs after being discontinued a few years ago. Details and potential date yet to be confirmed but, if it is a “go,” will try to have this info available as soon as possible realizing that most units will be having their annual meetings and setting their event schedules within the next several weeks. I am meeting with the property owner next week who has thus far expressed some serious interest. The property is in the general area of the original battle. Updates will be posted to 8th TN and DET FB pages.

    Thank you.
    Fred London


  2. Hello: thanks for your site and information. I found it chasing information on one of my ancestors that was in the 13th Tennessee volunteer cavalry: Capt Gilson “Ollie” Collins.

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